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Kundeservice: Åpningstider - Man. - fre 08.00 - 16.00 | Tlf - 48 10 44 44 | Gravfossveien 1B, 3360 Geithus

More than 10,000 RivieraPool swimming pools and whirlpools, both indoors and out, have been installed in private homes, hotels, municipal recreation centres and sports centres around the world.
RivieraPool is the leading German manufacturer of prefabricated swimming pools and whirlpools based in Emsland. Our family business has been operating successfully on the European market for 50 years.

Approximately 400 cruise ships and private yachts sail the world's oceans with RivieraPools. About 50 percent of all pools go abroad. While the focus is on European countries, the most distant pool is located in Chile and the most distant whirlpool in Siberia. In Europe, RivieraPool is nowadays one of the leading suppliers of prefabricated swimming pools; in Germany, the company is the market leader. Installation and on-site service are provided by certified specialist dealers. The delivery of the pools is carried out by the manufacturer himself, for which the company has a fleet of seven special vehicles at its disposal.
RivieraPool Fertigschwimmbad GmbH · Klöcknerstraße 2 · 49744 Geeste/Dalum · +49 5937 660 · info@rivierapool.com

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